Affiliate Progress so far

Acorn_02 Although my off-line career has always had a technical bias, my actual knowledge of HTML and other web related skills is a bit on the thin side. For this reason, not only do I have a learning curve to go through on the marketing front, I also have to battle through all the other countless technical issues we all need to master.

Up to this point I had started a couple of blogs on Blogger which I think was a good way to gently dip my toe in the water so to speak, and I monetized both of these with Adsense. Neither of the blogs generates much traffic yet, so my grand total for Adsense earnings amounts to a few UK pounds. But despite the fact that Blogger is undoubtedly very user friendly, I’ve followed the general advice I’ve read on-line that in order to really earn money you need to have your own hosting and domains.

After a bit of research and some helpful advice from bloggers such as Web Career Girl I purchased Micro Niche Finder. The great thing about MNF is that it has proved so easy to use even for a beginner, and I’m sure it has so much more potential in store as I gain experience. It certainly deserves a future post in its own right.

After some playing around with Micro Niche Finder to come up with a suitable domain and keywords, I signed up with Just Host and very soon had my first proper site up and running. I’ll admit it still needs a bit more work and polish, but it was a remarkably straightforward achievement using the tools provided by Just Host via the cPanel admin page.

And finally, my latest task is to start trying to master WordPress. Again, the one click installation feature provided by Just Host was remarkably easy to use. I experimented with several templates before deciding on the Hybrid template from Theme Hybrid for Affiliate Progress. I’ve also used the Hybrid Original child template to change the appearance slightly.

For the time being I’m going to leave my two Blogger blogs where they are just to avoid any unnecessary complexity.

And that’s about where I’m up to so far in my short web career!

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  2. Super post, Need to mark it on Digg

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