Affiliate marketing goals

MoneyPile_01We all have our own unique goals for what we want to achieve from our on-line careers. My own targets for income generation might equate to failure for some, whilst at the same time appearing ridiculously optimistic to others. The difficulty for me, has been in sifting through some of the more exotic claims I’ve seen and trying to pin down what it is actually realistic to expect.

As I stated in an earlier post, initially I just want to see any kind of green shoots of success. I know that if I can produce a web-site that makes $100 a month, I can probably then improve it to produce twice that. I also know that having done that, I can then repeat the trick ten or more times!

Because I have undertaken this career change as part of a long term downsizing strategy, I don’t believe my ultimate income requirements to be too unrealistic. If I could produce a suite of projects that can return somewhere in the region of $20K per annum, that would easily serve my needs when supplemented by some of my off-line business plans. I’m sure there are others out there that need to, and will succeed in, generating that kind of figure per month!

I suppose this illustrates one of the best things about an on-line career, the flexibility and freedom to make exactly what you yourself want from it.

2 thoughts on “Affiliate marketing goals

  1. You are so right! Everyone wants something different. For me, I can live on a lot less because I don’t have a family to support etc. like many people online do. But, I am planning for the future and I do hope my web career will help me get there. Really glad you started this blog so I can follow your progress, and thanks so much for linking to me in your other post!

  2. affiliateprogress

    Hi Ruth,
    thanks for dropping by and being first to leave a comment!

    You are more than welcome re the link. As I’ve said previously, your own blog has been a real help to me so far.


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