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336px-Accessories-calculator.svgNow that I’ve set the ball rolling with my affiliate career, I need to decide on my initial affiliate marketing strategy. This is particularly important for me as I have limited time to devote to on-line earnings at present. For this reason I want to mainly concentrate on fairly passive income streams and take a patient approach to allow time for me to develop my skills.

For myself at the moment I think that the worst thing I can do is get sucked into a scatter gun approach and end up taking on hundreds of projects, none of which I can really do justice to. So to that end, here is my initial affiliate marketing strategy list (initial because I’m sure it will inevitably change slightly but at least it’s a starting point!).

  • Limit myself to a maximum of three active blogs
  • Aim for a minimum of one post per week in each blog
  • Initially only use organic search engine traffic (may try PPC further down the line)
  • Set limit on number of other sites (four?)
  • Fully optimise and develop each site before moving on to the next
  • Use articles sites and blogging to promote and build backlinks

I’d love to hear of any additional points or ideas that you think may be relevant to my situation, or that you yourself used when you were starting out.

Have a profitable day!

Affiliate Progress.

2 thoughts on “Affiliate Progress strategy

  1. This is a good plan. Try as hard as possible to stick to your rules and not get distracted. I have wasted so much time getting distracted by all the latest crazes, and setting up way too many websites.

  2. affiliateprogress

    Hi Ruth,
    I think the patience part is the trickiest for me. I always just want to get stuck into other things when I know I should really be concentrating on improving the quality of what I’m already working on.


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