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magnifyGlass169 In keeping with my aim of patiently developing and learning on my first few projects, and not rushing headlong into every idea I come up with; I’ve been re-addressing the search engine optimization on my first web-site project. I’ve been learning a great deal from Chris Rempel’s “Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate”, and whilst it’s not always easy or even interesting to reverse engineer and correct some of what I had already done, I’m trying to implement as much of his advice as I can.

The domain for my main project is still a little new to be seeing the effects of my SEO changes at the moment, so I also started using some of the techniques on one of my older personal blogs on Blogger. Using both Micro Niche Finder and Google Ad Words Keyword Tool to research post titles and just a few keyword phrases per post has been a revelation to me! It really reinforces just how vital effective search engine optimization is, particularly if like me you are going to rely entirely on naturally generated traffic rather than PPC etc.

I have to make the most of any small successes at the moment, but seeing your blog come in at number one for a particular search phrase on Google, just like you planned it, is a real buzz.

But who knows, maybe I’m just too easily pleased!

All the best,


2 thoughts on “Effective search engine optimization

  1. You are doing it right Des, slowly but surely. Most people go on a rush and majority of them fail on this account. :-)

    • affiliateprogress

      Thanks Walter, I hope I’m doing the right things. It will certainly be great to see the results of all this ground work starting to come through.

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