Affiliate Progress Report – 6th Nov 09

snail_169This week just seems to have flown past! In this Affiliate Progress report, I would first like to congratulate myself on having maintained a consistent level of affiliate income for the past seven days. Yes, I’m afraid the flood gates into my bank account have as yet failed to open. However, this is only to be expected at this stage, and the up side is that I’m still continuing to learn, and more importantly, implementing what I’ve learned. Mostly then, this has been very much a reading and absorbing information type of week. I’ve done a few blog posts, continued to refine my main website content, worked on some offer landing pages and done a little bit of link building, but mainly I’ve continued to read up on the ebooks etc that I’ve sourced so far.

In addition to the Chris Rempel stuff I purchased, I also downloaded a free Squidoo lens building guide from Pot Pie Girl’s excellent blog. It was most useful, and I might get back to looking at her one week marketing course at some future date (I will not get sidetracked!!). For now though, the lens building will come in very useful for promoting my main project (if I ever reach the stage where I’m happy with its content!).

Also, as discussed in my last post, a little bit of SEO work on one of my older Blogger blogs, provided some interesting results. However, the word “niche” is probably slightly too big for the subject matter of the blog in question, so I doubt it will ever see any serious traffic. But regardless of this, the lesson I actually learned was “how to take over a low competition key phrase”. My point being that even if something you try doesn’t directly result in a profit, you can still learn from the results. It was actually much easier to try this out and see almost instant results in a low competition non-commercial arena.

Anyway, as another week ends I still think I’m making steady progress. Let’s hope it all clicks into action soon and I can report some money starting to flow.

Hope you yourself had a productive and profitable week.

All the best,


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