Blog networking – The happy side effects

Network_169I’m sure we are all fully aware of the benefits of networking and leaving comments on other people’s blogs. For a start it’s a great way of gaining new visitors and backlinks to your own blog. But I have to admit that before I started this project to earn a living on-line, I never really spent very much time surfing blogs.

That’s where the “happy side effect” comes in, I have to say that recently, following links from people’s signatures in replies on other blogs has led me to some truly wonderful places that I would otherwise never have discovered. The amount of insight, inspiration, encouragement and information you can stumble across never ceases to amaze me.

We often hear people bemoaning the fact that the internet these days is just full of dross, so I’m only too happy to redress the balance a little by saying how much good stuff I find out there too.

Although we obviously do have to keep an eye on the amount of time we can use up in surfing and reading, I certainly think that we should view this as time well spent, not just in link building and traffic building, but also in gaining inspiration and exposing us to new ideas and viewpoints.

2 thoughts on “Blog networking – The happy side effects

  1. Good post! It’s always good to remember where to good is online. I love connecting with all other blogs – including yours – to learn something new, to hear a different perspective, and to keep inspired to work harder.

    • affiliateprogress

      Thanks Ruth. It’s quite amazing where it leads you. Just following a few people’s links you can end up a million miles away from where you started. I never seem to get the same results looking around on actual blogging sites like Technorati etc. Perhaps affiliate marketing is the source of all that’s good on the net? :-)

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