Affiliate Progress Report – 13th Nov 09

Nuvola_apps_3_cookieNot too much Affiliate Progress to report this week I’m afraid. I’ve been on my travels with the day job, and since that’s what currently puts food on the table that’s where I’ve got to be.

I mentioned in an earlier post, a couple of free downloads I got from Pot Pie Girl’s site, one of these was Andrew Hansen’s “1000 New Visitors”. It is basically a guide to promoting your site via articles on Squidoo and other article sites.

I’ve started the ball rolling with this by researching the working titles for 30 Squidoo lenses. However, whilst doing this research I noticed that sites such as eZinearticles and eHow consistently had articles ranking higher in the searches. I’m not sure if this is normal or just something to do with this particular niche, but since one of the things Andrew Hansen recommends is a re-write of each article, and submission to a different article site, I’ll continue with the plan to write 30 Squidoo lenses and then re-write them, possibly for eZinearticles.

So that leaves me in a situation with a daunting list of 30 articles to write plus 30 re-writes and a mountain of work looming in my day job. One thing’s for sure, this ain’t going to get completed quickly! I’m just going to have to pick away at it systematically until it’s done.

Anyway, it’s my birthday this weekend and I don’t intend to spend it writing articles about troublesome and obscure medical conditions! So I guess not too much Affiliate Progress is going to be achieved in the next couple of days!

All the best.

2 thoughts on “Affiliate Progress Report – 13th Nov 09

  1. I missed saying happy birthday – but I hope you had a good one!!

    When it comes to the articles, I think it’d be good for you to submit them to Ezine Articles after your Squidoo run. All of these sites have their own benefits, such as the fact you can get a share of revenue on Squidoo, or that Ezine is great for bringing in instant traffic. Would be interesting to see how your results from each batch of articles compared to each other.

    • affiliateprogress

      Hi Ruth,
      had a great birthday thanks.

      And thanks for the info on article submission. I’ve still not even got started due to “real work”, but I may work through it doing one Squidoo lens then one eZine article alternately, so I can see the effects as I progress.

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