Affiliate Progress Report – 22nd Nov 09

Pencil_5766 (2)I’m actually a couple of days late with my Affiliate Progress Report this week. This was mainly due to the slightly embarrassing fact that I hadn’t actually made much progress at all in the week up to Friday.

Another manic week in the off-line job world really prevented me from doing much more than making a few blog comments. My list of thirty working titles for Squidoo lenses to promote my health site has been staring up at me from my notepad all week. To top it all, since I’ve now decided to do re-writes for Info Barrel in addition to Ezine Articles, the task has now expanded to 90 articles in total!

Anyway, I’ve finally managed to at least make a start over this weekend. I’ve completed two Squidoo lenses and done one of the Ezine re-writes after setting up accounts on both eZine and Info Barrel. So I’m now feeling all full of virtue and not in the least bit lazy, but my precious weekend is now almost gone :-(

I do look forward to this thing taking off, not only to see some results for the work so far, but also so I can go back to doing just one job instead of two!

Hope you had a busy and profitable week.


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