Affiliate Progress Report – 27th Nov 09

olde_typewriter1Another week of slow but steady Affiliate Progress to report this week. It really does point up how you’ve just got to keep patiently moving forward and ticking actions off the list in order to make a truly passive income (as opposed to more active marketing methods where you’re running campaigns etc to buy traffic – that sort of stuff is very much in the future for me).

I got my eZine Articles and Info Barrel accounts set up and have now written an article for each and had them accepted and made live. Info Barrel rejected my article at first as I hadn’t read the rules about linking from the main article body correctly (I think it’s definitely a bloke thing to only read the instructions as a last resort). Anyway, after a bit of editing they soon accepted it. Both sites seem to be excellent for getting your articles quickly ranked in Google. I’m not sure whether it is via Google or just members of the sites looking out for new articles, but the articles published on these two sites seem to pick up readers much more quickly than Squidoo.

Traffic on both my main website project and this blog is continuing to steadily grow month on month which is pleasing. Hopefully if I make some further progress with my article writing over this weekend, I will really start to see my main site’s traffic ramping up!

2 thoughts on “Affiliate Progress Report – 27th Nov 09

  1. Hi Des,

    You do have a point about eHow, Info Barrel, and Squidoo. I tried Squido about 6 months ago and it’s left a bad taste. I can’t bring myself to use it. On the other hand, I saw results from eHow right away, which is encouraging for a newbie. I’ve only written one article for Info Barrel, but will give it a fair chance.

    Keep up with it!

    .-= Moon Hussain´s last blog ..eHow Report #2: One Month Anniversary =-.

  2. Hi Moon,
    I’m still seeing very few hits on my Squidoo lenses. I want to persevere and see if I can find the right formula for Squidoo though, so I think I’ll try a few different article types and subjects to see what works best. After all somebody must be writing those top 100 lenses!

    Thanks for dropping by.

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