Article Marketing Strategies – Best Approach?

Documents_169As my list of articles slowly grows on eZine Articles, Info Barrel and Squidoo, I’ve started asking myself what are the best article marketing strategies? Looking around on these sites to get a feel for what others are writing, I see all manner of different styles, lengths and quality of articles. Are these people using any particular article marketing strategy, and if so what works best?

The brief for my current article marketing project is to first write a Squidoo lens on a particular subject and then do re-writes on the same subject on eZine Articles and Info Barrel with links cross referencing the articles and also a link to my main web site that I’m promoting.

However, I’m finding the going really slow as I just don’t feel comfortable changing a few details and posting what is effectively the same article multiple times. Therefore the re-writes actually become individual articles in their own right, with hopefully a unique angle, but also requiring their own time consuming research.

The finished articles are generally coming in at around 700 to 800 words and I feel pretty good about them and that they do actually offer some value to the reader. But am I missing a trick here? As one of the by products of these articles is their ability to earn some revenue via Adsense etc (at least that’s the case with Squidoo and Info Barrel), would shorter articles or articles offering less reader value actually generate better returns? Do people click an Adsense link to get away from a bad or uninformative article?

For myself, I think that how you write is ultimately part of your signature and authority in this business and I wouldn’t be happy to compromise that (at least not intentionally!). But I’d certainly be interested to hear other people’s thoughts on this and what article marketing strategies you employ yourself.

4 thoughts on “Article Marketing Strategies – Best Approach?

  1. There’s certainly the view that bad articles are good for adsense clicks – but in the long term most marketers seem to advocate more informational, longer articles because these tend to pay off in the long run and don’t get penalised by Google. For me, writing at places like Hubpages requires slightly longer articles than e.g Ezine Articles where I often write 250-300 word articles. You’re right, though, there are SO MANY different strategies. I ALWAYS go for the easy to skim read articles though – I love bullet points, numbers and subheadings 😀

    • affiliateprogress

      Hi Ruth,
      thanks, that re-affirms my thoughts for Squidoo and Info Barrel. I may take your advice and condense some of my eZine articles in future.

  2. I personally don’t go for low-quality articles, but I try to keep the articles I write short.
    The reason is that I haven’t seen better numbers for my longer articles and most people actually seem to prefer their information in small, easily digestible chunks.

    When I write more extensively, it’s usually for a blog, not an article directory.
    .-= Shane´s last blog ..Automation Software: When to Use it and When to Avoid It =-.

    • Hi Shane,
      I think you’ve probably hit the nail on the head here. Quality articles to maintain your integrity, but don’t rattle on and on just to get the word count up.

      I followed the link back to your blog. Looks like some interesting articles on there so I’ll certainly drop by again when I have time.

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