Measuring My Affiliate Progress

Rock_climbing_169Making progress in affiliate marketing can sometimes feel like climbing a mountain. I was reading an interesting post on Web Career Girl earlier this week, and it got me thinking further about how I measure my own progress.

Patience is a word I seem to be using an awful lot lately on this blog, and yes whilst starting out in affiliate marketing it is surely one of our most valuable virtues. But what is the dividing line between patience and complacency? Am I patiently building a foundation or complacently waiting for something to happen whilst checking my stats every two minutes? It is certainly too early in the game to start measuring my success in hard cash because all my efforts are going into passive income which obviously takes time to work.

I was reading somewhere else this week (I would give the person credit if I could remember where!) that as affiliate marketers we should try not to let a day go by without doing at least one thing that adds to our on-line earning real estate. There will certainly be days when I simply can’t achieve this, but I think it is such good advice that I am going to start using it as my own measure of progress as an affiliate.

So here are my criteria for progress:

  • Write an article for an article base
  • Write a blog post
  • Write content for one of my sites
  • Doing SEO work
  • Link building work

Even though they can obviously add value, the following don’t count!

  • Reading or posting on forums
  • Checking stats
  • Reading ebooks

At least for the time being I’m going to use the first set of bullets as a guide to whether I’ve made progress on any given day or week. Unless I’m on completely the wrong track, then by putting my efforts into these things the monetary rewards should hopefully follow in time.

So how about you? What criteria do you measure yourself against and are there any things you would recommend I add to either of these lists?

8 thoughts on “Measuring My Affiliate Progress

  1. Hmm I like the idea of not letting a day go by before you do something to add to your internet real estate. In some ways I would like to let days go by just to have a break, but when you think of it in terms of e.g. just writing an article or doing a bit of niche research then it seems much more possible to at least do a little every day. I am going to be thinking long and hard about what I want, because I’m seeing success with active income measures but not the passive ones – and the passive are what I really need to develop.

  2. affiliateprogress

    Hi Ruth,
    You’re right, we all need time off. My new yardstick is just so I can keep a wary eye on how I do spend my on-line work time. It’s so easy to spend hours getting nothing done I find.

    I’d be interested to hear you blog about your passive projects so far – how long since they were launched, how you’ve promoted them etc. I know you’ve probably not had much time recently with your writing project etc, but it would be interesting to read about what you think may work in time and what tactics you might want to adjust.

  3. I have been making about £60 a month in Adsense from about four niche blogs with unique posts on them. These are the first niche blogs I ever made, and I feel I messed up with the keyword research. It’s only now that they’re a few months old that they make money in Adsense at all. Apart from that my Hubs make a very small amount of money (unfortunately that didn’t turn out like I wanted, I’m not sure if it was the keyword research problem again – I will be lucky if I make about £10 a month). Then I get the odd other affiliate sales. So basically, my income is mainly active blog flipping, selling writing services etc. I am going to develop some PLR as another passive income earner, but in the new year I’m also going to try some mini Adsense sites and some larger Amazon sites.

    I will probably do a sort of year review type post about it on my blog soon. Basically I started in April, made a few sites, and didn’t promote them all properly because I didn’t have time. Since then I started a few ‘XFactor’ sites but didn’t have time to finish them – oh dear when I think about it I really haven’t spent much time at all on passive income! It’s a new year’s resolution 😉 Though maybe my eBooks that I wrote will earn me some passive income when I get around to launching them.
    .-= Ruth – Web Career Girl´s last blog ..The Importance of Looking Forward to Well-Earned Time Off =-.

  4. Thanks for that Ruth. All useful info, and certainly some promising signs that you can build upon.

    I think keyword research is one of the things I need to improve. I’ve got the tools I just need to use them better and put a bit more thought into it!

  5. I just had someone buy a $1000 camera through one of my Hubs (no idea which one!!) so that was a nice boost. But still I think keyword research is the hardest thing. You can be great at the other stuff, but ultimately it does come down to keyword research. I didn’t have Micro Niche Finder when I first started and I wish I had! I feel I still have things to learn though!
    .-= Ruth – Web Career Girl´s last blog ..Are You Procrastinating Over Writing That eBook or Report? =-.

    • Congratulations, that’s a nice result! It just goes to show how important it is to get as much “stuff” out there as possible.

      Micro Niche Finder is a great tool, but even when using MNF, keyword research needs a great deal of thought. SEO and keywords is something I’m still on a steep learning curve with at the moment.

  6. Affiliate marketing is something very new in my blogging journey. I’ve just started monetizing my lifestyle development blog with a link to my design service and another to Thesis. I’m also going to add another page, which will include only affiliate marketing. I think this would be considered my marketing “landing page”.

    Of course I will probably add a little more marketing in my sidebar but would rather try to keep it as clean as possible. I figure I can direct traffic to my landing page for affiliate advertising, which would hopefully increase my readership as well.

    Anyway, don’t know enough about this yet to really make hard decisions but then again, that’s why I’m here.

  7. Hi Jason,
    I’m with you on the idea of keeping it as clean as possible. It’s so easy to alienate your readers by overselling. On this blog I’m only gradually adding affiliate links to products I really rate myself. On web sites I guess you can get away with a more direct sales approach but I think blogs benefit from a bit more subtlety.

    Thanks for looking in, and I’ll be sure to keep an eye on how fortytofifty develops. I’ve got a good three years left before I’m out of your target audience :-)


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