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squidoo_01My current article marketing campaign for my health web site is still marching slowly on, but I’m having a few misgivings about how successful Squidoo marketing can actually be. One of my visitors Moon Hussain, commented on an earlier post of mine that he had given up on Squidoo after having poor results.

My own observation is that my Squidoo lenses are receiving very few visits and don’t seem to rank well in Google compared to my articles on other sites. Now some of this may well be keyword related, or it may be that the lenses just need time before they begin to rank (if they ever do). As my keyword research has followed the same pattern as I’ve used for articles on other sites that are already approaching three figures in terms of viewers after a couple of weeks, I’m hoping they just need time.

However, as I really do want to try and make Squidoo work for me (I like the way the interface works and I enjoy putting lenses together), I’m going to experiment with a couple of more mainstream articles on subjects that are hopefully a bit more popular than my health niche.

To this end I’ve been researching the Squidoo Top 100 lenses and I’ve set myself a challenge to get one of my lenses into the top 100. I’m not sure how realistic this is, but somebody has got to be up there so why not me!

Even if I don’t make it, it will be an interesting experiment to see what type of article gets traffic and what sort of revenue a more popular lens can generate.

Wish me luck!

Edit: Read the latest updates @

Successful Squidoo Marketing #2

6 thoughts on “Successful Squidoo Marketing

  1. Yes I find Squidoo tricky too. I just don’t ‘get’ it. But I know so many people are successful with it. I bought ‘One Week Marketing’ months ago but haven’t actually done it – so I am planning to try it in the new year. I certainly get more views on HubPages than Squidoo, but I do feel like I need to give Squidoo a bit more of a go. Will be interested to see how you do!
    .-= Ruth – Web Career Girl´s last blog ..Are You Procrastinating Over Writing That eBook or Report? =-.

  2. Thanks, I’ll be sure to let you know – good or bad!

  3. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Squidoo. Personally don’t know much about it but will definitely follow you through this as I’m interested in the passive income thingy too.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date…
    .-= Jason´s last blog ..Weeble’s Wobble but I won’t fall down =-.

  4. You’re welcome Jason.

    I’ve already got my killer lens up there, do feel free to take a look and you’ll have the added bonus of seeing what I had for dinner last night and also what a poor photographer I am!

    One way or another I’m going to bash and promote this lens into a top 100 place!

  5. It will be interesting to see what you come up with.
    I just recently did an analysis of some of the top ranking Squidoo lenses and found some interesting stuff. Generally, writing something about a trending topic seems to work very well.

    Having said that, I’ve never really invested much into promoting my own lenses. I use them mainly to get some backlinks. It’s too bad that Squidoo has lost it’s favourable position with Google. Used to be that lots of lenses showed up in search results, but not anymore.
    .-= Shane´s last blog ..Automation Software: When to Use it and When to Avoid It =-.

    • I do have my doubts about how successful this mini challenge of mine is going to be, but I’ll give it my best shot anyway. I’ll still be getting other useful backlinks from whatever promotion I do, so it won’t be waste effort.

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