Successful Squidoo Marketing #2

Late last year I started a mini project on Successful Squidoo Marketing in order to investigate what was required to improve the performance of my Squidoo lenses. To this end I set up a lens in a popular mainstream category – Food and Cooking – the lens is called Easy Bean Stew Recipe – and below is my first report on its progress so far and what I hope to find out from this mini study.

What I Hope to Find Out

  • How many visits does it take to make a top 100 lens?
  • Once in the top 100 is there a self-sustaining effect?
  • Can I get the lens to rank well in Google over time?
  • How does the traffic equate to earnings?

Promotion So Far

  • 1 x Link from an eZine article in the Cooking Tips category
  • 1 x Link from this blog
  • Promoted to Digg & Stumble Upon
  • Made adjustments to SEO on 4th Jan 2010

Results So Far

  • Lens first published – 17th Dec 2009
  • Initial Ranking – 160,000 overall and 6,578 in Food & Cooking
  • Best Ranking to date – 52,585 overall and 2,871 in Food & Cooking
  • Current Ranking – 76,242 overall and 3,827 in Food & Cooking
  • Total Lens Visits to date – 7
  • Total Earnings to date – $0-00

Although I’ve had very few visits so far, it is clear to see that just a few visits can bump your rating up quite considerably. The holiday period is probably not the optimum time to get people interested in a bean stew recipe in place of their turkey or goose, but hopefully the new year will see people searching for cheap and healthy recipes which should help improve the number of visits.

From an SEO perspective, the lens currently ranks on page 2 of Google via the Digg listing, for the keyphrase “Easy Bean Stew”, but does not rank directly via Squidoo. I’ve made some SEO adjustments and will monitor the progress over the next few days.

I realise that this Successful Squidoo Marketing test is all very labour intensive just for a single lens, but even if I decide that Squidoo itself is not worth the effort, this exercise is providing me with a ring fenced testbed for SEO and other promotion techniques that can be put to good use elsewhere. So even if I fail to make it a top 100 lens, my time will in no way have been wasted.

6 thoughts on “Successful Squidoo Marketing #2

  1. Interesting, I still really want to figure out Squidoo. Look forward to anything else you learn about this :)
    .-= Ruth – Web Career Girl´s last blog ..Remember to Set Goals Bigger Than Your Work =-.

  2. I’ll be sure to keep you posted! I just have to be careful not to let it develop into a time wasting obsession :-)

  3. thank you, your information is very useful to say, I can learn a lot from your information and experience, to become better. success always for you

  4. Hi,

    My first time here :) I’ve used Squidoo briefly and then eHow. eHow, in my opinion, is a bit easier to rank with (notice easier, not easy!) so Squidoo requires a lot of patience.

    I will be wathing your progress!
    .-= Moon Hussain´s last blog ..7 Steps To Get Out There And Crush It! =-.

    • Hi Moon, I think you are certainly right there, but it will be nice to make Squidoo work well for me. The ability to easily make adjustments and add links etc makes it more flexible than most other article sites.

      Thanks for looking in.

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