A Look Back Over my Shoulder

So far this year I’ve not entered into the seasonal spirit and posted my goals for the coming year. This is mainly because having started out in on-line earning so recently, I would expect my goals now to be pretty much the same as they were just a few months ago. That’s all well and good, but a post I read on Lis Sowerbutts’ blog where she was surprised at how vague her 2009 goals were, set me thinking about looking back at mine.

And sure enough, when I look back there is precious little of substance there at all! I suppose a lot of that is down to the initial trying out of various ideas and methods, but now that I have had a chance to learn a bit more and assess things better, I think it will be beneficial to lay out a more structured and measurable set of goals that I can work towards.

So here goes:

Long Term Goal:

Financial independence allowing me to relocate to Southern Spain. This will ultimately (but not necessarily initially) require $20,000 per annum in on-line earnings. Timescale? – This year if at all possible for the move but probably not the $20K!

Short Term Goals:

Web Site #1

  • Write 10 more quality pages of content – By end of March 2010
  • Finish 3 x 30 article promotion plan for the site – By end of March 2010
  • Exceed 1000 visits per month – By end of 2010

This blog

  • Post at least once per week
  • Exceed 2000 visits per month – By end of 2010

Additional sites

  • Purchase domains for 3 more sites – By end of 2010
  • Write initial content for each site – By end of 2010

Non-work Related Goals for 2010

  • Do more bird watching
  • Do more cooking (and not just stuff I can do on auto-pilot!)
  • Blow the dust off my mandolin and get back in practice
  • Get the house in better shape to sell!

So there we have it, my sharpened up goals for 2010. It looks like this year is going to be a busy one in the day job also, so it will be interesting to look back in twelve months time to see how successful I was. The biggest one there is undoubtedly that at some stage I’m going to have to serve notice on my off-line career and take a big leap into the unknown, which I must admit to finding quite scary. I have to keep telling myself that we only pass this way once, so I had better just make the most of it!

2 thoughts on “A Look Back Over my Shoulder

  1. Good luck Des! They sound like good goals. I am really finding it hard to be specific with my goals because things seem to change so much, but you’re right having specific goals will really make them much more achievable.
    .-= Ruth – Web Career GirlĀ“s last blog ..Remember to Set Goals Bigger Than Your Work =-.

  2. Thanks Ruth. I’m sure mine will have to be adapted as the year progresses too, but it’s good to at least have something tangible to aim for.

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