Affiliate Marketing Trends 2010

You can be sure that any good affiliate marketer who uses active methods such as PPC will have a keen eye on the affiliate marketing trends for 2010 and will be promoting what he or she thinks is going to be hot this year. But what about those of us who are concentrating on passive income streams? Do we pay enough attention to market trends when selecting our affiliate offers? Lets face it, once completed, our passive income sites can sit for months almost untouched as we progress onto new projects which expand our online presence. But are we missing out on income because our affiliate offers are outdated along with the content we are using to promote them?

How to Find Hot Trends

I would say that there are a couple of areas we might benefit from looking at here. Firstly, what are the longer term trends for the year? What types of products and services are consumers moving towards? What are people talking about that you can blog about? A brief search on Google for the term “consumer trends 2010” showed up market research and other sites predicting the following consumer trends for 2010:

  • Continued growth in green and eco friendly products
  • Simplicity – quality hand made feel products
  • Move towards simple chic rather than bling
  • Escapism – computer games etc
  • Frugal – cutting costs etc

The above are just a few things I found quickly, but the point is, are your older affiliate sites and blogs in line with these or other current trends? For example, should your site with an affiliate offer of pink PVC handbags be moving towards promoting more natural or recyclable products? It is certainly something that does need careful consideration before making too many changes, because after all we are supposed to be “niche marketing” rather than just following the crowd. If visitors are still beating a path to your site to buy those pink PVC handbags then that’s great, leave well alone, but if sales have died to nothing, could you possibly rectify the situation by re-alligning your affiliate offers to be more attuned to current market trends? Or perhaps you could try some parallel offers to provide a comparison of what converts best?

The second area you might want to consider is short term trends. These can be useful not only in coming up with blogging subject matter, but also in supplying the hottest products to promote. Google Trends is the most obvious starting point for short term trend ideas, and will supply you with a list of the current hot topics and hot Google searches. I also find Micro Niche Finder to be a very useful tool in this area, as it not only provides a similar list of Google derived hot trends, it then allows you to further drill down into them to provide the best key phrases to use in your articles and posts.

Keeping at least a proportion of your affiliate offers in line with current marketing trends has got to make good sense, and it is surely worth the time spent in checking over your previous projects (not to mention the ones you are currently working on!) to see what offers and content might benefit from a bit of a re-think.

So what do you find works for you? Do you try and market to current trends or do you prefer to stick with what you know has worked in the past?

10 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Trends 2010

  1. Good point about the trends … just as with any other business it is important that we not only build on our past but also look to the future and beat the masses to emerging trends. Using emerging trend keywords will put our sites in the pipeline early on so that when the trend is riding high we have already done the work and should be getting more SE traffic.

    .-= Valentina´s last blog ..Golden Nuggets for Your Blog Income =-.

    • Hi Valentina,
      yes I think a lot of people like to use terms like “set it and forget it” for their web projects, but I’m sure that they miss out on a lot of traffic if they neglect to go back and tweak and optimize every so often.

      Thanks for dropping by,

  2. I guess I would do a mixture. I like the evergreen topics, but I am also now going for trends that I think are going to last for at least a few years. Things like Wii (haven’t actually used that niche though). I have read IPK (info product killer) and it shows just how much potential there can be in going after trends. Ultimately, though, I would want the majority of my sites to be set and forget!

    • Hi Ruth,
      I think that sounds like a good strategy. The best of the old proven topics, alongside promising new possibilities. I still think the term “set and forget” is possibly overused, how about “minimum maintenance” as a compromise? :-)

  3. While I understand the attractions of hitting on the latest trends, I would prefer to stick with topics that will stand the test of time. Just as I try and stay away from seasonal trends like Christmas and Halloween, I would say the same for things that will remain “hot” for a short period of time.
    .-= John´s last blog ..What does eHow and the Recession Have in Common? =-.

    • Hi John,
      a good point you raise there. I think you are right, in that setting up full blown projects for what might be short term trends is not the way to go. However, adding some content about a new trend to an existing site might be a good way to gain you some extra traffic even if it is short term.

  4. affiliateprogress – Yep, I can see that helping out. Plus, posting about current trends can give you some new fresh topics and break that writers block.
    .-= John´s last blog ..What does eHow and the Recession Have in Common? =-.

  5. Dev

    This is the type of marketing that so many people ignore. They try to focus on high competitive areas and do not realize the power of trend marketing. There are great resources to uncover trends that cost nothing. Google Trends is mentioned and works great for me as well as Twitter Trends – under rated but is awesome.

    • Hi Dev, sorry about the delay in replying (I’ve been away).

      You’re abosolutely right, and depending on what types of blogs you write for, it can be so easy to exploit trends and seasonal trends to your advantage.

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