Overcoming Those Lazy Moments

Do you ever get those days when you just can’t seem to kick start yourself into action? All you want to do is laze about in front of the TV or at best mess about aimlessly on the internet kidding yourself you are actually working. And as for writing, the well of ideas just seems to have completely dried up and you feel as though the words will never flow again! I suppose it’s a rare and highly motivated person who doesn’t experience at least some days like these, but how do we overcome it? How do we make ourselves snap out of it and actually get something useful done?

One of the downsides of article marketing is that we don’t always have the luxury of writing about the subjects that most interest us. I usually have a list of working titles for articles that I slowly tick off as I get them done. But on days when I’m low in motivation I often stare at these titles wondering how on earth I ever thought it possible to write about them! I know deep inside that if I can just make a start then I will probably feel better and the words will start to flow.

Try a New Angle –

To help me overcome this motivational block, what I often do is select one of my working titles and completely re-think the angle I was going to approach it from. For example, I might change it from an informational or how-to article into a product based article.

By taking this approach and just pushing myself into actually getting started, from then on I’m usually OK. I actually get a buzz from writing and publishing stuff, so once I get going it is almost self sustaining.

Try a Different Subject –

Some days though, even this approach doesn’t work and I just can’t force myself to work on the subject matter I’m supposed to be concentrating on. On those days (like today!) I just pick something completely different and write about just what I like. Or even make a blog post about overcoming my lack of motivation! Well at least it has got me working :-)

Try a Change of Scenery –

Another method that sometimes works for me is just having a change of scenery. Even if it is just moving to another room to write, or sitting outside if the weather is good enough. Your PC can be a big distraction and offers a hundred and one excuses to do other things such as checking e-mails and replying to comments etc. Just picking up a notepad and pen and getting away from the PC is often enough to get the words flowing again, and I also find that writing outdoors can even change the mood and tone of my writing at times.

Those are a few of the things I often try in order to get myself re-motivated, what methods and tricks do you use to overcome your lazy moments?

8 thoughts on “Overcoming Those Lazy Moments

  1. Argh I have been terrible lately. Last week I wasn’t motivated at all, despite January getting off to a great start. Sometimes there is just nothing I can do to get going again, unfortunately. A change of scenery, though, is probably what I need most when I’m feeling like that.
    .-= Ruth – Web Career Girl´s last blog ..The Role of Fear for Bloggers, Internet Marketers, Self Employed =-.

    • It’s a strange affliction isn’t it? I think once I’ve got a wider variety of projects on the go, that will also help me by having a greater range of subject matter to attack.

      As for the change of scenery, one involving a bit of sunshine would be most welcome at this time of year! :-)

  2. I think it is the price we pay for being writers … having to deal with motivation, or lack of it, to write. Saving grace? Even the great authors have suffered from the same malady :-) Sooooo…..
    who knows, we might even morph into a great author – or blogger at the least (now wouldn’t that be great?)

    .-= Valentina´s last blog ..Sunday Morn Musings – On Books and Bookshelves & More Reading Stuff =-.

  3. That’s an interesting point Valentina. I read elsewhere recently that too many bloggers and article marketers don’t “visualize” themselves as writers and hence miss out on yet another source of motivation.

    As for the great author comment, I think I’ll continue to purchase a lottery ticket for the time being! 😉

  4. I hate those lazy moments, I felt very unproductive. Change of scenery works for me but one effective way for me is to tell my mind that I’m going to have a great idea. Then I wait. It usually comes. :-)

    • Hi Walter,
      a great tip there, I’ll try that. My great ideas usually come when I’m trying to get to sleep at night!

  5. I know the feeling too well. During the day it’s hard for me to find my focus, especially when the kids aren’t in school, but that means I need to start working in the evening and at night. That’s also a terrible time to start finding that focus you need to finish your work. I have a few tricks in my sleeve when needed, but the tips you give can be helpfull too, so I guess I’ll add them to my tricklist 😉

    .-= Leslie´s last blog ..New Ideas To Monetize Blogs That Are Geared Towards Teens =-.

    • Hi Leslie,
      I think burning the midnight oil is the worst for me, perhaps I’m just not cut out for late night creativity. That means I end up writing at weekends to catch up, which isn’t really fair on my wife. I look forward to when I can work online full time and just concentrate on one job!

      Thanks for dropping by,

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