Spring Cleaning Comes Early for Affiliate Progress

Today has been a beautiful day with such clear blue skies that I thought it was time to set about some spring cleaning. So I’ve come up with a fresh new look for Affiliate Progress. Well I suppose I have to admit it, part of that is a little white lie. Although it is a lovely day today, it was actually a post on Holly Jahangiri’s blog that inspired me to have a bit of a spruce up around here. Holly asks the question in her post “Have You Looked at Your Own Blog Lately?” and I have to say that in all honesty,  whilst I have looked, I’ve probably not seen what I should have.

Having started this blog back in October 2009 as a fairly inexperienced blogger, I was probably just happy with achieving each successive little bit of progress. I got my ISP account set up, got WordPress installed OK, found a free WP theme that I quite liked, and so on and so forth. I gave myself a smug pat on the back and set off blogging.

So taking Holly’s advice and having a cold hard look at how Affiliate Progress looked, I was quite surprised that after only four months in existence, my blog was looking – how shall I put it? – dog rough!

A makeover was definitely in order, so I trolled around various theme sites and had a good look at what some of my own favorite blogs are using. I personally prefer a nice simple layout without too much clutter, and I soon found a few good candidates to add to my shortlist. Most serious bloggers recommend a professional blog theme because of the versatility and support you get, and despite having short arms and long pockets I was prepared to pay if the right theme had a price tag attached. In the end however, probably because the layout I like is so simple, I came across a free theme on Woo Themes that seemed to fit the bill and I settled on that.

After a little bit of tweaking and adjusting Affiliate Progress MkII is now ready to be revealed to her admiring public! There are still a few adjustments I want to make, but overall I’m pleased with the new look for the time being.

Those of you who have visited before, and remember my previous dark and rather gloomy theme, let me know whether you think this is an improvement, and anything else that you would want to change.

12 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Comes Early for Affiliate Progress

  1. Looks very nice! And perfect for the sunny day we are having today :)
    .-= Ruth – Web Career Girl´s last blog ..January’s Progress: Taking Risks and Taking Action =-.

  2. Thanks Ruth, I reckon it’s a bit easier on the eye than my old theme.

  3. Now this is one good reason to subscribe to comments! I saw your reply over at Holly’s and had to take a look.

    In all fairness, I didn’t see the last theme, but can say this is very clean and simple; good job!

    Two quick things if you could…..install a subscribe to comments plugin; enable the email subscribe option in your Feedburner account and I (among others I’m sure), would be happy to subscribe to this blog. :)
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..Hello & Welcome To The All New – DennisEdell.com/DirectSalesWebMarketing.com Merged – Direct Sales Coaching Blog! =-.

    • Hi Dennis,
      thanks for dropping by and commenting. I’ll certainly put your suggestions on my to do list.

      #edit – No time like the present, I’ve followed your suggestion and installed the subscribe to comments, and also a subscribe without commenting widget.

  4. Oh I have visited before but my mind is like a sieve so please forgive as Idon’t remember the exact look of the previous one.

    I do like this one. As you say, simple is good. My own blog has gone through three reincarnations and now that the current one has been up for about four months, I am beginning to see things about it that can certainly be better as well :-) A makeover is on the horizon – a distant horizon at this point as focus for first half is on other targets.

    I think that for a such a young blog you are doing exceedingly well. Keep up the good work!
    .-= Valentina´s last blog ..Let The Games Begin! =-.

  5. Great post. I’m always looking for great blogs and I really like yours.

  6. Hi Valentina,
    I’m glad you like it, and thanks also for the words of support. It’s always good to know you’re heading in the right direction!

  7. Thanks! I use the same, I like giving the option to subscribe without commenting. :)
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..Welcome Aboard Part 2! All The Info You’ve Been Waiting For… =-.

  8. I’m subscribed, thanks again. 😉
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..Welcome Aboard Part 2! All The Info You’ve Been Waiting For… =-.

    • Thanks for subscribing Dennis. I do feel under pressure to get some good posts written now though! :-)

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