Free Affiliate Tools – Part 2 – Image Editing

In Part One of my Free Affiliate Tools series I discussed free keyword and search engine optimisation tools. In Part Two we move on to free image editing tools for affiliate marketers to make the best of their sites, blogs and other enterprises.

Wherever you source the images for your sites and blogs from, you will at some stage certainly need to edit or resize images for the web. If you’ve taken the decision not to donate half of next years affiliate earnings to Bill Gates for his MS Office suite, and the price of Photoshop makes you wince, then you might be in need of some good easy to use freeware image editing applications.

My own current favourite for general cropping and resizing is PhotoScape which can be downloaded and used completely free of charge (they do have a scheme in place for donations however). I found it very intuitive to use from the outset with little or no reading of the help pages. The editor feature meets most of my day to day resizing, cropping and adjustment needs, but PhotoScape also provides a heap of other features (some of which I’ve yet to try), these include a really neat screen grab feature, animated gif maker, image combiner and several others, all of which can be useful in improving the appearance of your work.

The screen grab below shows an image in the process of being cropped using PhotoScape.


All in all PhotoScape is an excellent and easy to use tool. Let me know what you think if you give it a try.

At some stage you may want to make your own logo, or an ad block for your own product or perhaps for a Clickbank product that doesn’t have the advertising resources you need. The best free image making application I have come across so far is the rather uncharmingly titled The Gimp (it is an acronym for Gnu Image Manipulation Program). This application can be a little difficult to get to grips with, graphic design is an entire career for some after all, but there are plenty of resources and “how to” guides on the web for The Gimp. Gimp Tutorials is one that has helped me out a number of times already so you may want to give it a try.

With a little practice and messing around to get used to the concepts of building up layered images etc, you can come up with some truly stunning graphics with The Gimp. I have still most definitely got my learner plates on when it comes to image editing, but I can still do enough to meet most of my needs with this free application.

The interface for The Gimp is a little unusual in that it appears as three individual boxes on your screen, the main image editing box, and two tool bar boxes. The screengrab below shows a 250 x 250 advert image being worked on.

Gimp Screengrab

Both of the above free affiliate tools have proved immensely useful to me and have saved me a packet compared to buying commercial applications, so I hope you too find them helpful. It would be great to hear from you if you have given these a try or if you have any other suggestions for the best image editing tools for affiliates.

In Free Affiliate Tools – Part Three we will cover the options for free web space so you can get your fledgling affiliate marketing empire off the ground with the minimum of expense.

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10 thoughts on “Free Affiliate Tools – Part 2 – Image Editing

  1. I should try PhotoScape. I currently use Paint (go ahead and laugh, ha) or Picassa. All I need to do is resize and cut my images, though I’d love to put some creative borders around my images.

    The Gimp, however, I hate. I’ve tried using it in the last several years but can’t come to grip with it.

    Thanks for sharing!
    .-= Moon Hussain´s last blog ..Check-Off Friday: Where I Am With My Goals (And Where The Hell Are You With Yours?!) =-.

    • Hi Moon,
      I would certainly give PhotoScape a try, it is easy to get to grips with and has some great features. I know what you mean about The Gimp, it is pretty complex. Have you tried following a few projects on any of the help sites like the one I linked to? That might just get you past enough problems to get you started, and it really is worth persevering with as it’s a great tool.

      All the best,

  2. I have Gimp too but find it so hard to use! I am not good at these things. But since I have been flipping blogs, I really need to learn, so I’ve vowed to really start learning Gimp properly. Thanks for the link to the tutorials!
    .-= Ruth – Web Career Girl´s last blog ..I’m Back With A Free Gift! =-.

    • I’m still getting to grips with it too, there’s really so much you can do with it. But even by learning just a few techniques you can get some great results. I bought a cheap graphics tablet/pen to use with it a couple of years ago and that adds another dimension also.

      Best of luck with it!

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