Affiliate Progress Report – A Look Back at Quarter One 2010

Affiliate Progress Stats Q1 2010I have been kind of dreading looking back at my affiliate goals for quarter one of 2010. I laid out my goals in this post and although some are on target, I have added others that weren’t included, and had a change of direction regarding some others. But hey, that is part of what goals are set for. At least I can clearly see that change of direction by looking back at those previously stated goals.

So what exactly do I think I have achieved, what new goals have I set myself, and what goals do I need to reset the bar on?

Affiliate Website #1

This is the one where I have really gone off the rails. I started affiliate website #1 early on in my affiliate career (obviously) and the more I learn, the less happy I am about how I set this site up. I had quarter one goals for this site to complete the promotional articles, write more content and through both of these achieve some specific traffic goals.

Well, I wrote some but not all of the additional content, did next to none of the promotional articles and through this I achieved the traffic gains I deserved – i.e. it is flat-lining! Most of this inactivity does however stem from making good progress on a second affiliate site which I’ll discuss below. But it is the work I have done on the second site that has to a large extent highlighted the shortcomings of the first one.

I think what the future holds for affiliate site #1 is a re-design from the ground up with a much tighter niche, but it will have to wait a little while.

Affiliate Progress

My modest goals for this blog were to post at least once per week, which I have achieved for quarter one, and a 2010 yearly goal to exceed 2000 monthly visits. Well I’m nearly getting that already, so I will revise that yearly goal to 2000 monthly unique visitors by the end of 2010.

Progress Against Year Goals

Aside from the traffic to this blog, which is a goal where I probably set the bar too low, I also had a year goal to set up and write the initial content for three new affiliate sites.

So far I have set up one of these sites, and not only done the initial content, I have also completed about a quarter of the promotional articles. I have high hopes for this site. It has a good domain name, a tight niche, a manageable amount of competition and I think I have done a good job with my keyword research and SEO. It is based on the $5 Formula but with a few changes thrown in. In addition to the AdSense that $5 Formula is based around, I have product reviews that link back to three other affiliate networks.

I’m impatiently waiting to see how well this one does!

Quarter 2 Goals & Revised 2010 Goals

My main quarter two 2010 goal is to complete the promotional articles for affiliate site #2. If time allows I will start the re-build of affiliate site #1.

Posting goals for this site will remain at one per week.

So there you have it, an interesting first quarter to 2010, but one which didn’t proceed entirely as I had planned. It does show the importance of goal setting, in that you can target your time and resources on what you think is going well, recognise what is failing, and plan to rectify the problems.

So how was quarter one for you? What did you achieve and what are your aims for the next three months? Be sure to leave a comment, as always, it’s great to have your input.

5 thoughts on “Affiliate Progress Report – A Look Back at Quarter One 2010

  1. Hiya,

    Interesting report there. I have yet to do mine. Thing about affiliate sites, etc. is that there is LOTS of information to learn and execute. I see the mistakes I made initially…

    I have hired someone who writes promotion articles for me. I am having trouble producing the core content for the affiliate site, but I want to spend this weekend producing it 😉 I’m seeing very small traffic and it’s on page 3 of Google…. here’s to hoping I can do better~!
    .-= Moon Hussain´s last blog ..Are You Embarrassed Of Saying “Passive Income” Out Loud? =-.

    • Hi there Moon,
      that was one other thing I forgot to mention, my new site is so much easier to write articles for as it’s related to one of my hobbies.

      I know that if you limit your sites to the things you are passionate about, then it can also limit the niches you have available, but it certainly makes the writing a whole lot more pleasurable! :-)

  2. Any chance of getting linked to any of these sites? 😉
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..Blog Comments and Blog Comment Contests – Lets Chat about Paying for Comments =-.

    • Sorry Dennis, I’m always happy to share any tips or techniques I pick up, but I won’t discuss or give away my actual niches on here.

  3. I figured, but had to give it a shot. 😉
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..Blog Comments and Blog Comment Contests – Lets Chat about Paying for Comments =-.

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