Why Do You Want To Be An Affiliate Marketer?

Affiliate Progress Office View

What was it that attracted you to affiliate marketing, or for that matter any other form of online career interest you might be persuing? Why are you here reading this? – and of course why have I taken the time and trouble to actually write it? Well for me, the driving force is that one day soon (and hopefully quite soon!), the picture above will be the view I have from my office.

I’ve mentioned it in passing before on this blog that my long term goal is to downsize and move from the UK to lead a simpler and more peaceful existence with my wife in rural Spain. I knew all along that I would need to come up with a means of supporting us, and originally that was going to be based on providing accommodation and guiding services to visiting bird watchers (bird watching is a passion of mine). However, as the economy nose dived over the last couple of years it became obvious to me that I would need to have more than one iron in the fire if we were going to be able to still eat after our move. Hence the start of my investigations into online earning and in particular, into passive earning systems.

The point of all this, (yes trust me, there actually is a point) is that developing an online income is tough. For example this blog is just over six months old, and whilst it is growing steadily in readership, it barely makes enough to feed a cat let alone a couple. Most of the time, developing an online income is an act of blind or semi-blind faith! Hard slog, mistakes, failures, and then little by little you start to see what you were doing wrong, start to see signs that this can actually work, start to build confidence in your abilities.

So, what if you don’t have a good reason for starting out in online earning? What if it just seems like blogging and setting up a few affiliate sites might be an easy life, with nobody to tell you off if you turn in late? Well if that is you then the best and most heartfelt advice I can give would be not to bother. Save the money you would have spent on hosting, domains, e-courses and tools, and perhaps most importantly save all of that time you will surely be wasting.

It is clearly the case that many people don’t stay the course simply because they don’t have an overriding reason for trying to earn money online in the first place. If that reason is not there, then at the first sign of failure, or lower than expected earning results, it is highly likely that you will quit.

So before you even start, ask yourself again – why do I want to be an affiliate marketer? – whether the answer is that you just have to have that big house with a Ferrari in the driveway, or like me, you may just want more time and freedom to appreciate your natural surroundings – whatever, just be sure it’s a good and honest answer, because trust me, the road ahead is tough and you need to have a good reason to be walking it.

7 thoughts on “Why Do You Want To Be An Affiliate Marketer?

  1. Right you are! I am currently learning about ranking in Google for low tail keywords and will hopefully see something trickle in. That sure would be a nice boost!

    There’s a lot more to just ‘setting up affiliate sites’ and letting them loose. Just because I can get my site on the first page doesn’t mean I have ‘made it.’ Am I converting the readers into buyers? There is a lot of trial and error to be conducted.

    Thought provoking post 😉
    .-= Moon Hussain´s last blog ..Why You Shouldn’t Stick to Your Schedule =-.

    • Hi Moon, and after all that, then there is list building, marketing to that list, and a hundred and one other things besides. It’s a huge challenge and I’m sure many people who fall victim to the “get rich quick” merchants, simply don’t know what they are letting themselves in for.

  2. Hi Des,

    Welcome back from your holidays!

    That is a beautiful view to aspire to! You are right, there has to be a big WHY for turning your efforts to earning and online income otherwise it is easy to just drop the whole thing when the earnings don’t materialize overnight (or overyear!)
    .-= Valentina´s last blog ..Blog Hopping to Success =-.

    • Hi Valentina, it’s a very quiet and rural place, so maybe not everyone’s dream location. But we both love it there and are really pushing to make a move asap.

      So for now it’s a target, once we get there, I think the absence of a monthly pay cheque will continue to concentrate the mind wonderfully! :-)

  3. Hey Des,

    I gotta say, I love these thinker question posts, I just wish I had more coffee with me.

    Forget spouses and families as I don’t have either of my own, however i would like to be able to sufficiently and reliably support MYSELF first.

    Reliably = not bouncing from $100-$1000 every other month. LOL. You get the gist.

    I was forced home (yes, Mom/Dad) a few years ago due to injury.

    We help each other out, but it’s not currently enough. Sadly, and god forbid, if they were gone tomorrow I’d be in trouble…..as things stand, I couldn’t support this house by myself for very long.
    .-= Dennis Edell | Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..Blog Subscriptions – Methods to my Madness part 2 of 2 =-.

    • Hi there Dennis,
      it sounds like you have a real good reason for the obvious amount of drive you have. I suppose I’m lucky in that I’m only driven by thoughts of escape, and I already have a reasonable career behind me.

      Thanks very much for sharing your situation, I’m sure with the buzz you seem to create at DE.com that income will level out soon! I certainly wish you every success.

  4. Thank you Des, I really do appreciate that.

    I may be switching things up again. 😉
    .-= Dennis Edell | Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..What are YOUR Top 3 Social Sharing Recommendations =-.

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