Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income – Review

Pro-Blogger ReviewI’ve been meaning to get around to writing up a review of the recently published second edition of Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett’s book ProBlogger- Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income – so if you didn’t buy a copy of the first edition, read on to see if this book might be just the thing to spring-board your blogging career to the next level.

About the Authors

Darren Rowse probably needs no introduction to the majority of bloggers. Considered by most to be one of blogging’s A-listers, Darren’s blog will be familiar to most, but Darren also has a long history of other successful blogs to his name, including a highly successful photography blog. Chris Garrett might not be quite as big a household name in the blogosphere as Darren, but his blog is also hugely successful, and his more technical background complements Darren’s style to give a broader depth of information in the book than pure blogging tips and technique.

ProBlogger Second Edition Content

ProBlogger Second Edition starts with an introduction to both author’s blogging careers and then moves on through everything from basic blog set-up, writing, monetization, secondary earning strategies (such as blog flipping etc), promotion, social media and case studies.

Unlike many instructional books, ProBlogger 2nd edition reads very well and has an easy going conversational style. At no stage should you find it heavy going. I found most subjects to be covered to an adequate depth and were well explained. Where greater depth is required, Darren and Chris provide the URL to additional on-line content that is made available at no extra charge to the reader which is quite a nice bonus.

Some may find the early blog set-up chapter a little on the basic side, but this does not extend too far into the book, and since it sets out to cater for beginners right up to  more established bloggers needing additional guidance, I think the balance of beginner/advanced content is about right.

What I Found Useful About This Book

For me some of the most useful insights in this book were to do with the elements that most highly successful blogs have in common. However, most chapters have golden nuggets of information which either confirm something that you are already doing right, or uncover things that you aren’t doing or could be doing better.

I also found the sections on promotion, networking, and use of social media to be highly useful, as for me personally these are areas I’ve barely dipped my toe into as yet.

I would say this isn’t a book that you will just read once and set aside, there are many sections I will refer back to for inspiration and guidance in future.

What I Disliked About This Book

Although right from the outset Darren and Chris clearly state that this is not a get rich quick scheme and success in blogging takes years of hard work, I still find the book’s sub-title “Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income” a bit on the tacky and misleading side. Using the techniques in this book will no doubt help, but I’m sure both authors would agree it is only what lies between your ears that will earn you a six-figure income from blogging!

Should I Buy ProBlogger Second Edition?

Well if you already own the first edition I doubt if there is enough additional material to make it worth your while purchasing the revised version. I would say that anyone else from beginner to more experienced blogger will definitely find plenty of interest and value for the modest cover price of this book.

I hope you have found this brief review useful. If you’d like to get hold of a copy of ProBlogger Second Edition my Amazon US and UK affiliate links are below:

ProBlogger Second Edition – Amazon USA

ProBlogger Second Edition – Amazon UK

Already read ProBlogger? What did you think of it? – Please let us know by leaving a comment!

8 thoughts on “Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income – Review

  1. Hey Des,

    Nice Review. I’m yet to read the second edition of “blogging your way to a six-figure Income”
    Anyways, Thanks for the great Review.


  2. You may have answered my question; i have read the 1st edition.

    It seems we also have the same gripe…unfortunately, it is a case of going with what works whether it is proper or not.
    Dennis Edell | Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog post ..Would You Like a PRIVATE Community?

    • Hi Dennis,
      for me it’s a pretty minor gripe, and in general I thought the book excellent. It just seems strange that they picked that sub-title, as neither of the authors come across as the type to over-hype things.

  3. I have got the first edition, and as you had said the title is a little misleading, well… to me is a hype to suck people in to buying it.

    I doesn’t know what the second edition had what new content but I bet this book is not going to blog anyone’s way to six figure…

    The book had lots of great ideal but I still feel this book doesn’t does as good as other blogging book like Atomic Blogging and also Blogging to the bank.

    I feel second edition is a waste of money to even buy.
    The Bad Blogger´s last blog post ..How To Get As Much Traffic As Possible From Article Directories To Your Blog With This Dumb And Simple-Yet-Effective Testing –

    • Hi Bad Blogger,
      thanks for your input. I think if you already have the first issue, you are right that it is probably not worth spending your money over again.

      If I’m not mistaken though, the two products you mention are only available as ebooks. For less than $17 from Amazon the ProBlogger book is remarkable value considering the additional production and distribution costs of a paper book. When you add the bonus online content it is even better still.

  4. I read the first edition, however, I’m not the type of “blogger” who wants to make a living from her blog, so while there were certainly “nuggets of information” contained within the first edition, it wasn’t enough for me to consider purchasing the 2nd one.
    Passive Income Online´s last blog post ..Day 51- Venturing Into HubPages Land…Again…

    • Hi,
      that is a good point, this book is pretty heavily geared towards making money from blogging. Although it does cover technique also, if making money is not high on your agenda then there are probably other books you will gain more from.

      Thanks for your input.

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