Affiliate Progress Report – A Look Back at Quarter Two 2010

Affiliate Progress Report

I’m actually quite pleased with my affiliate marketing progress this last quarter. I am learning steadily, and forming a more closely focused strategy. Actual income is still very low, but that is also as expected because of the number of projects I’m restricting myself to and the need to develop those projects further.

Only one major fly in the ointment, which is Google’s refusal to expose one of my lovely new sites to the gaze of the general public. With so few projects for me to experiment with, this is getting a little annoying after four and a half months, but there is not too much to be done about it I guess.

So here is a brief run down of my achievements for this quarter, achievements against my 2010 targets, and new goals for Q3 and beyond.

Affiliate Website #1

In my last quarterly review I said that this mini-site needed a complete overhaul (and that I had no time available to do it!). It continues to generate a trickle of traffic but little or no income so something clearly needs to be done.

I have given it some thought but as yet I’m undecided as to whether to simply re-design it around a tighter niche (which would work with this particular domain name) or to convert it into a WP blog. However, I’m still not going to commit to getting it sorted out this next quarter as I have other projects I want to concentrate on.

Affiliate Progress

I have met or exceeded my goal to post on average once a week to this blog. Traffic continues to build, it is low in comparison to a lot of blogs I know, but continues to steadily move in the right direction. At the moment I’m using unique visitors as my main benchmark, and this last quarter saw approximately 50% increase over Q1. If this continues I am roughly on target to reach my year goal of 2000 uniques per month. This should also be helped by my new delvings into the wonderful world of Twitter.

Progress Against Year Goals

Aside from the traffic to this blog, which is discussed above, I also had a year goal to set up and write the initial content for three new affiliate sites.

I have now actually completed this goal and can revise my targets again.

Affiliate sites #2 an #3 are in related niches. #2 is the one which Google is refusing to rank. It is WP based but was designed as a fairly static mini site. I have done some promotional articles which have brought some traffic and one solitary Amazon sale. #3 is also WP based but is going to be more of a true blog with a steadier stream of new content. Very early days for this one as yet, but the product values are high so it could earn well.

#4 is in a niche that I have wanted to get into for a long time as it is something I love and spend a lot of time on anyway. All I have to do now is write about it! It is a review based blog, monetized with Amazon and AdSense, and the main drawbacks are low product values on Amazon and pretty high competition.

Quarter 3 Goals & Revised 2010 Goals

My main quarter three 2010 goals will focus on affiliate sites #3 and #4 (unless Google starts to play fair with #2).

#4 I would like to get up to 50 published reviews, after which I will then start doing promotional articles and promoting via Twitter.

#3 I need to complete further keyword research. I would also like to have between ten and twenty promotional articles published this quarter.

My other new focus for Q3 is Twitter. Yes I’ve finally succumbed and signed up for Twitter. This quarter I will use to learn the ropes, customize my Twitter home page, and hopefully build up to around 300 followers on my @AffProgress account.

I am keeping my posting goals for this blog at an average of one per week..

So there you have it, another active and productive quarter. Set against the amount of work I have had in my day job, I’m particularly happy with what I’ve got done.

How was quarter two for you? What did you achieve and what are your aims for the next three months? Be sure to leave a comment, as always, it’s great to have your input.

7 thoughts on “Affiliate Progress Report – A Look Back at Quarter Two 2010

  1. Excellent work Des. I think you would make an excellent guest blogger for my upcoming affiliate marketing blog. If interested, please shot me an email. :)
    Dennis Edell | Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog post ..Organization is a MUST I’m Taking Time Off…Line

    • Thanks Dennis. Guest posting is certainly one of the things I’ve got in my plans for the future. I’ll certainly give it some thought, however my time is very stretched at the moment.

      All the best for your new projects!

  2. Hey Des,

    Nice work man. You’re doing great job. Looking forward to reading more posts.

    Dev | Technshare´s last blog post ..3 Solid Reasons Your Blog Is The Perfect Launch Pad For Your Business

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