Affiliate Progress – Come on Spain!

Image Courtesy of Gilad.romApologies to any of my readers who hail from The Netherlands, but since we are heading over to Spain early on Saturday morning we are in for one big party on Sunday when Spain take on Holland in the world cup final. So come on Spain! It would be rude not to support them since we will be drinking their beer!

Also, if Spain don’t do it, Pulpo Paul (the psychic octopus) could soon be making a re-appearance in a tapas bowl! Which would be a shame for such a talented creature.

Anyway, I will be totally offline for a week and am really looking forward to a good rest (apart from all the painting work I have waiting for me over there!). When I return I hope to start blogging about my new experiments in the wonderful world of Twitter. As with my other affiliate activities I hope to chart this right from the outset for other beginners to follow, and also to draw out helpful suggestions and tactics via comments.

All the best, see you in a week or so!


4 thoughts on “Affiliate Progress – Come on Spain!

  1. Have a great time!
    Dennis Edell | Direct Sales MarketingĀ“s last blog post ..Have You Written Any WordPress 30 Feature Posts

  2. I bet the atmosphere was fantastic! I was actually supporting Holland but Spain were better at the end of the day!!
    Ruth – Web Career GirlĀ“s last blog post ..Highest Adsense Day- A Few Clickbank Sales and Writing Reviews

    • Hi Ruth,
      it really was an excellent night. The bar we watched it in just erupted into dancing and singing at the final whistle.

      Back in the UK now in a house full of dust and builder’s rubble, it seems like months ago already :-(

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