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Blog Commenting TacticsA few months back I wrote a post posing the question – Are Blog Comments Important? – it was mainly about the SEO benefits of leaving comments, but thankfully, most commenters also agreed that blog comments are indeed the life-blood of any good blog.

It is also true that during the difficult initial stages of a blog, when you are struggling to build up your traffic, blog commenting provides a useful stream of traffic whilst you build up your content and work to get more search engine based traffic.

But what are the tips and tricks that can help you maximise your investment in time, and get the largest amount of return traffic to your own blog from the comments you leave? Read on to find out!

Leave Good Quality Comments

First things first. You are not going to gain any traffic at all if your comment does not get published. So if you are one of those “great post dude!” type commenters and wonder where all your comments disappear to, now you know – they end up marked as spam and deleted.Why waste your time, and worse still the blog owner’s time?

At least show the blog owner the respect of indicating somewhere in your comment that you have actually read his post. Better still, try and further the discussion in some way. This may convince other visitors that you are interesting enough for them to check out your web link.

Only Comment on Posts That Interest You

Don’t comment simply because you have visited a blog. You are better off only commenting on posts that interest you, even if it is only to leave a few carefully chosen words of thanks or encouragement. As with most things, quality is better than quantity, but this is particularly true when you are trying to get somebody to follow the link back to your site.

Be Polite – Even if You Need to be Critical

You don’t always have to agree with everything a blogger might say in a post (in fact, any blogger worth his salt will welcome a bit of healthy discussion!), but even when you are being critical, always try and remain polite. I suppose there are always exceptions, but nine times out of ten people will avoid cantankerous and rude people, and hence will avoid following your link.

Check Your Traffic Statistics

I leave comments on a wide variety of affiliate marketing, passive income and blogging type blogs, and I don’t usually bother checking their PR or traffic stats before I comment. If I’m interested then I comment, and who knows, today’s PR0 is next years PR3, 4 or 5 blog so I don’t get too hung up about all that stuff.

However, keep a regular check on your stats to see which sites are referring a lot of visitors. Some sites, often ones that you would least imagine, seem to send over a great deal of traffic. Always worth checking out their sites again then, for interesting posts to comment on.

Use RSS to Comment First

For blogs that get a lot of comments (and probably also a lot of traffic) it is common to see a post receive hundreds of comments. A visitor may read the initial post, plus four or five comments before losing interest. Make sure you add your favourite blogs to your RSS reader, then you will be informed of new posts as they are published; giving you a good chance of getting your comment in quickly. Some people prefer to receive RSS update via e-mail, so use whichever method works best for you.

Just remember not to sacrifice the quality of your comment for speed of response. Better to be the tenth commenter with the first great comment than just one more “great post dude”.

To sum up, leaving comments is a great way to build backlinks, which will eventually help to boost your traffic from search engines, but done in the right way, it can also help hugely in boosting your initial traffic figures when you start your blog. Add to this the benefits of relationship building with other bloggers, and the increased amounts of comments on your own blog, and you can easily see that this is time well spent.

What other commenting techniques have worked for your blog? Do let us know by commenting below!

8 thoughts on “Blog Commenting Tactics

  1. Well, here’s some tips for getting quick comment for any blog post that just publish a few second :
    There is a software called “comment sniper” you can search from google but the down point for that is need win xp to run it, higher then that you will need to configure the properties of the software to run in win vista and 7. Guess what… it’s free.
    The Bad Blogger – Down & Dirty Secrets Not For Losers´s last blog post ..5 Simple-Yet-Effective Psychological Rules Of A Squeeze Page Most Online Marketers Ignored !

    • That sounds like an interesting piece of software. It could be even quicker than RSS if you used it right.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Wile we have the same thoughts, we think in different directions.

    Contrary to the unfortunate popular opinion, comment links are not the #1 source for high quality backlinks, and getting less so daily…eventually Google may discount them altogether.

    (Cutts has hinted to it more then once in recent months.)

    With that in mind, for me, backlinks are 3rd, while traffic and relationship building are interchangeably 1st and 2nd. :)
    Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog post ..A Personal Post – Do Not Skim

    • That’s a very good point you make Dennis. I certainly wouldn’t recommend anyone basing their entire backlink strategy on blog commenting.

      But the direct traffic you get from blog commenting is very useful for new blogs (in addition to the relationship building), and even the big G can’t take that away.

  3. Des, something in the post will usually resonate with me personally so I tend to comment around those little gems.

    Blog commenting works for traffic, even now for me…. the only problem is, once you stop doing it, the effect minimizes.
    Moon Hussain´s last blog post ..Random Ramblings- Confronting Fear &amp Doubt

    • Hi Moon,
      one or two blogs that I’ve commented on seem to continue to send traffic long afterwards. Maybe just down to the amount of traffic they receive. But as you say, for most of us wanting to generate an ongoing passive income, then you can’t get away from generating search engine traffic as your main source long term.

      p.s. Thanks for the e-mail. Akismet did eat your comment for some unknown reason, but I always check through my spam before deleting.

  4. Thanks for these tips. Yes, commenting is definitely worth doing. Sometimes just one little comment can reap big rewards.

    I left one comment recently with a link back to a funny satirical blog site. The blog on which I commented is a bit of a hub for Aussie journos, and one of them found my blog and quoted a post in the newspaper.

    So, if you can find those very well regarded blogs in whatever niche you’re in and write good comments, that could help a lot.
    Matt´s last blog post ..Yola blog indexed by Google quicker than Weeblys

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