Affiliate Progress Report – A Look Back at Quarter Three 2010

Affiliate Progress Report

I’ve been a bit silent on Affiliate Progress recently, concentrating my efforts on a new blog which has taken off rather more quickly than I expected; but since I’m off for a fortnight’s holiday in a day or two I wanted to get my quarter three 2010 progress report posted.

It has certainly been an interesting three months, but things have progressed in a rather different pattern to how I expected.

So here is a brief run down of my achievements for this quarter, achievements against my 2010 targets, and new goals for Q4 and beyond.

Affiliate Website #1

I had no plans this last quarter to actually give this site the overhaul it really needs, but I have given it some thought. It is a static site, and the content is pretty poor if I’m honest, so I’m now almost decided on the plan to completely re-build it as a WordPress based site and to keep it more regularly updated. I hope to have at least done the basic re-build by the end of this next quarter.

Affiliate Progress

Affiliate Progress (along with my online career) is fast approaching its first birthday, but I have been starting to invest more of my time elswhere as this blog is not really part of my current income strategy. As my blog commenting has also taken a back seat, traffic has taken a small dip and I’m left with the residual traffic mainly from search engines and older backlinks from blog commenting. This may mean I don’t get to reach my year goal of 2000 unique visitors per month, but I’m not overly bothered, and plan in future to simply keep posting my progress and other bits of useful information as and when I can.

Progress Against Year Goals

Aside from the traffic to this blog, which is discussed above, I also had a year goal to set up and write the initial content for three new affiliate sites.

I completed this in quarter two, and set myself revised goals to develop these sites.

Affiliate sites #2 an #3 are in related niches. #2 remains completely un-indexed in Google, which is a real shame as it is a good site. At the moment it is getting low but steady traffic mainly via published eZine articles, and unless it starts to get indexed it is probably best left as it is for now. Affiliate site #3 is already indexed and receiving low levels of search engine traffic. I aim to start adding more content over this quarter

#4 is where I have been directing most of my efforts over the last quarter. Traffic has picked up far quicker than I had hoped and is based on a mixture of long tail keyword traffic, blog commenting traffic and also a good amount via Twitter. So far it has only made one Amazon sale and a small amount from AdSense, but I have high hopes that it can earn steadily if I continue to increase traffic.

Quarter 4 Goals & Revised 2010 Goals

My main quarter four 2010 goals will focus on affiliate sites #1 #3 and #4.

#4 I would like to get up to around 1000 unique visitors per month. It has had 350 uniques over the last month, so this level of growth is going to take a considerable amount of work. But hey, why set yourself goals that are too easy?

#3 I failed to meet last quarter’s targets for doing keyword research and promotional articles for this site. This quarter I hope to have at least done the keyword research and have made a few more posts.

#1 I hope to rebuild this as a WP based site during this quarter, and to start adding content on a more regular basis.

My other new focus for Q3 was Twitter. I was hoping to build up to 300 followers on my @AffProgress account. However, part way through the quarter I revised this and started to grow another account to help promote affiliate site #4. This has proved slower to grow, but across both accounts I built up to 254 followers, so not too far off my target.

Another mixed and active quarter with steady progress and plenty of things learned; it also sees me approaching a year into my experiments in earning a living online, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the next year brings as my knowledge grows and my domains mature.

How was quarter three for you? What did you achieve and what are your aims for the next three months? Be sure to leave a comment, as always, it’s great to have your input.

6 thoughts on “Affiliate Progress Report – A Look Back at Quarter Three 2010

  1. I can understand why you aren’t focusing on this site as much. I had the same thing with my site – I decided I had to step back a bit to free up time for other things. Honestly in your first year I think everything is good as a learning experience. You may not have met all the goals you set yourself, but things happen and obviously take you in new directions, and you seem to be making steady progress!
    Ruth – Web Career Girl´s last blog post ..New Experiences And New Directions

    • Hi Ruth, sorry about the late reply (been away for a fortnight). I must admit, when I started this blog it was intended to be purely as a progress report, so I am really taking it back to its original function. As you rightly say, so much changes with a year’s experience, and I want to concentrate where the most returns are.

      However, I will certainly be keeping things ticking over here with stuff I learn that I hope will be of interest.

  2. Des,

    For as long as I’ve been following you, I think you’re doing exceptionally well for your first year.

    A bit scattered here and there perhaps; spreading yourself thin sometimes, but it’s all an excellent learning experience. :)
    Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog post ..What is YOUR Opinion on the Left &amp Right-Hand Sidebar WordPress Themes

    • Thanks Dennis,
      I’ve tried not to take on too many individual projects in the past year, but even then it is so easy to get sidetracked with trying new tactics etc. I’ve got a pretty clear idea of how I want to approach my second year now, so hopefully things will continue to come together.

  3. Hi Des:

    I was thinking that I will read some good stuff at affiliate marketing, instead You did not write a new post for long.

    Please write a blog post and go on with your work. You have to do what you have to do.

    Just go and read my blog. Write a comment, so I may come again and see your new post. Hope to see you writing.

    Fran A
    Fran Aslam´s last blog post ..Sunergististic Backlinks With Quantity and Quality – Create Best Traffic For Your Site

    • Hi Fran,
      sorry about the lack of updates recently. I have been concentrating more on trying to build up my core moneymaking sites, so I’ve had to cut down on my posts a little on

      Hopefully I will have more to report in the very near future.

      Thanks for visiting,

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